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Shortcut of KFF Hamburg 2022

recorded during the 38. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg. 

This Video including also recordings of the amazing artworx from the great exhibition 
"Home and Its Hidden Corners": "Celluloid 19" by DYANTINE ADELINE, "Solaris" by TROMARAMA (artist group), "A Child dies, a child plays, a woman is born, a woman dies, a bird arrives, a bird flies off (cctp version)" by SHIREEN SENO, "a spider, fever and other disappearing islands" by NATALIE KHOO and "Bequerel" by RIAR RIZALDI, and there is also a part of a Smartphone-Video inside, made by Tina Oelker at 3001 on June 1th. at the Hamburg Screening. THANK YOU! 
Please watch the long version one take of the exhibition at Feuerloescher TV (40 Minutes!):
Thanks to everybody, special thanks to all Filmmakers and the Team of Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg.
2`50 | Full HD 


 cut`n cam: shedrives
 2`50 | Full HD  / upload June 9th. in Hamburg 2022
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