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Harley Parade Hamburg 2022



3 Minutes Clip

Harley Parade auf der Reeperbahn (mit Zeitraffer) und Livemusik. 
Video by wild life born recorded June 26, 2022, Sunday in Hamburg.
With a big thank you and respect for the fitting music to:
YoureKiddinRight - Born To Be Wild While Learning To Fly.Jason Paige - Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf- Singin In The Streets Gonzalo armónica - Born To Be Wild - harmonica armónica

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Didgeridoo in Hamburg (onetake)

Straßenmusiker in Hamburg spielt auf einem selbsgebauten Didgeridoo. 

Hamburg,  Juni 2022.
video onetake by love and happiness.  
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Ergänzende Information:


"Das Didgeridoo [ˌdɪdʒəɹiˈduː] ist ein obertonreiches Blasinstrument aus der Familie der Aerophone auf dem Tonerzeugungsprinzip der Polsterpfeife und gilt als traditionelles Musikinstrument der nordaustralischen Aborigines. (wikipedia) 

The didgeridoo [ˌdɪdʒəɹiˈduː] is an overtone-rich wind instrument of the aerophone family based on the tone-generating principle of the cushion pipe and is considered a traditional musical instrument of the northern Australian Aborigines. "


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Konzertperformance blaue Blume (Dada)


Clip zur Konzertperformance BLAUE BLUME mit sieben obligaten Bohrmaschinen, Sprecher und Kammerensemble. Aufgezeichnet in der "baustelle eins". Das dadaistische Konzert fand im Rahmen des Festival für aktuelle Musik "blurred edges" in Hamburg statt.

BLAUE BLUME von und mit Wolfram Meier, Bohrmaschinen Anne Roemer: Sopran, Flöten, Fx Schroeder: Singsang, Instrumentarium Hans-Christian Jaenicke: Violine, Gerhard Fiedler: Wort, Verse. 

frei nach Kurt Schwitters "An Anna Blume", Dichtungen 

Das Konzert ist hier komplett zu sehen:

video © feuerloescher tv

Hamburg, Juni 2022

ART Is DaDa!

*ergänzender Link: Die Ankündigung von FX Schroeder: 


verwandte LINKS: dada..

An Anna Blume von Kurt Schwitters (wikipedia): 



URSONATE by Kurt Schwitters, 

life performed by Istvan Menich-Horvath in Hamburg 2017 in der "Frappant Galerie", Viktoriakaserne:





Shortcut of KFF Hamburg 2022

recorded during the 38. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg. 

This Video including also recordings of the amazing artworx from the great exhibition 
"Home and Its Hidden Corners": "Celluloid 19" by DYANTINE ADELINE, "Solaris" by TROMARAMA (artist group), "A Child dies, a child plays, a woman is born, a woman dies, a bird arrives, a bird flies off (cctp version)" by SHIREEN SENO, "a spider, fever and other disappearing islands" by NATALIE KHOO and "Bequerel" by RIAR RIZALDI, and there is also a part of a Smartphone-Video inside, made by Tina Oelker at 3001 on June 1th. at the Hamburg Screening. THANK YOU! 
Please watch the long version one take of the exhibition at Feuerloescher TV (40 Minutes!):
Thanks to everybody, special thanks to all Filmmakers and the Team of Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg.
2`50 | Full HD 


 cut`n cam: shedrives
 2`50 | Full HD  / upload June 9th. in Hamburg 2022
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HOME and Its Hidden Corners Exhibition @ 38. Kurzfilm Festival

Amazing film-, video-, performance- and installation-ART from Asia recorded at
the great exhibition at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg in Germany, 
on june 4th. 2022. 
Curated by Lab Laba Laba - Edwin, Rizki Lazuardi & Lisabona Rahman. 
With STATEMENTS by the ARTISTS AND CURATORS on the spot, with impression of the KFF Honorary Prize Award with Audience and Artistic director Maike Mia Höhne
and Festival director Sven Schwarz, on june, 5th. 2022 and the opening on may 31th.
for more information please visit the official website of the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg :

"HOME and Its Hidden Corners"




an independent video by shedrives © Hamburg 2022 

lenght: 39`04 (real time one take with inserts - no mic - camera only!) 

feel free to share! fluxus! love!

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Older Impressions of the Year 2019 @ KFF: