Ula Stoeckl and Erika Lust - Filmmaker`s Talk @ 35. KFF Hamburg

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Ula Stoeckl and Erika Lust talked with Natascha Geier 
@ 35. KFF Hamburg.

A Talk (in english) about filmmaking, feminism, sexism, ageisms? and women`s careers and lifes in a man`s dominated (film-business) world, looked back to the past (beginning of emancipation) until to the present time (the so called "me too times"). The german filmmaker Ula Stoeckl is still working as a professor for film at the university of Florida yet! Erika Lust is a Award-winning erotic film director, author, mother, and blogger based in Barcelona. Natascha Geier is a german cultural journalist and television writer.

Onetake-Lenght: 54:55:04
Date: 8. June 2019
Location: Hamburg (shortfilm festival center)
recorded and edited by shedrives

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