The Day Organic met the Machine

a "strange" art-exhibition-interview in Hamburg @ "B65" with Charles Edward Strother III
about his                    "The Day Organic met the Machine".

video-lenght: 15:00

Two floors of Shock Art dealing with the intergration of humanity and the machine or as the title: The Day Organic met the Machine. Conceptual artwork based on ground breaking philosophical theory that has been converted into graphical art form. Main medium used is Colour pencils, oil pastels and Fabrino paper or the other hand photographical essays of existential reality will be projected. Bar and Dance floor afterwards. Aromas, images and sounds. Gauranteed to blow your mind.

this interview was filmed by elektrosafari & skrolliwood
with music by das lotron
Feuerloescher TV © Hamburg 2013

after you told your stories - I felt  a little bit brainwashed - but it`s OK!
are we alienated or empty ? or just crazy ?

Thanx Charles ! Love is everywhere !  skrolliwood.

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