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Filmemacherin Ula Stoeckl talks about film and feminism

A Talk about filmmaking, feminism, sexism, ageisms? and women careers and life - in a mens dominated (business) world, watched back to the past (beginning of emancipation) until the present time (the so called "me too time").

The german filmmaker Ula Stoeckl is still working as a professor for film at the university of Florida yet! The Filmmaker`s Talk was organised by and @ the 35. KFF Hamburg
Talkmaster: Natascha Geier

 This is an unofficial onetake of the talk with Ula Stoeckl and Erika Lust

recorded and edited by shedrives.
hand-cam-Ontake-Lenght: 54:55:04
Format: Full HD
Date: 8.June 2019
Location: Hamburg (shortfilm festival center)