we will take the mainstream

This is a videological invitation and information, a clip by and with Feuerloescher TV - with music by zerstoerer and animation, moderation, credits of the show.
The 46 minutes tv-magazin with themes of the last half year- like Gängeviertel, Wilhelmsburg, "Stop IKEA in Altona and the RaS - "Recht auf Stadt" - Right to the city! movement in Hamburg will appear on air at Tide TV.

action replay on Tide TV of our Show in april:
5.5.2010 21 :00
9.5.2010 21:45

Thank you for watching Feuerloescher TV !

we will take the mainstream!

3 Min. - Hamburg 2010

Aktualitätenfilme: Diese Woche am meisten geguckt