Peter Sempel im Kunstverein- with english subtitels

(Tonight - 3.october 2010 - 21:00 - will be the premiere of Peter Sempels Film "animals of art - Die Ameise der Kunst" at the Metropolis Cinema in Hamburg)

Here is it! with english subtitles: The short nonfictionfilm with and about Peter Sempel at his exhibition in the Kunstverein Hamburg at 17. september 2010 - with a speech by Florian Waldvogel and Peter Sempel himself.

Peter Waldvogel: "Sempel's films are a kind of a memory-theater, his personal way to understand film-making. He considers his film-collages as an essential expression of a specific form of tradition, which deals with the anarchistic, tentative and improvised elements of the early results of photo- and film-making..."

Thanx Peter Sempel`s secret assistant for the english translated subtitles!

a nonfiction-film by Skrollan Alwert for Feuerloescher TV
© music by zerstoerer

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